Opus Bio (formerly Lentigen Corporation) is a diversified biologics company focused on the development and commercialization of breakthrough treatments for human disease. Lentiviral vectors (LV), the company's technology platform, are widely recognized by the scientific community as the most efficient method for delivery of genetic sequence information into cells to reprogram their function. The ability to efficiently and stably reprogram mammalian cells has numerous uses in biotechnology and biomedicine, including drug discovery, target validation, biologics manufacturing and cellular therapies.

Opus's most advanced clinical candidate is a T-cell chimeric antigen receptor cellular therapy targeting CD22 for hematological malignancies. In December 2014, the company has entered into an agreement to license the CD22 program to Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JUNO). Phase I clinical study for this compound is enrolling and treating patients. Opus Bio has also secured the rights to other proprietary antigens that combined with its lentiviral vector may have broad applicability across epithelial cancers, including colon, small-cell lung, ovarian, breast cancer, stomach, and esophageal, among others.